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Daniela (b.1996) was born in Peru and raised between Lima and Australia. Blending an approach of fine art with documentary, Daniela focuses on gender and youth with strong interests in displacement, inequality and identity. She is particularly interested in the role of memory and belonging which are correlated to her experience as an immigrant and in being raised in a country with a complex post-conflict identity. 

Daniela studied fine arts, humanities and social sciences at New York University in New York, Paris and Abu Dhabi. She interned at The Guardian in the Global Development desk and with The Observer New Review before starting her work as a freelance writer and photographer. Daniela specialised in Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism at the International Centre of Photography in New York and was part of the Eddie Adams Workshop in 2021. 

Proud member of Native Agency , Authority Collective, Diversify Photo and a 2021 Mentee with WomenPhotograph. 

Clients include National Geographic, Bloomberg, The Washington Post, The Guardian, der Spiegel, Unicef, Harvard Review of Latin America, among others. She is available for assignments. 

- Bloomberg (assignments), Michelle Bullock, Australia Newsletter
- Der Spiegel, »Nachts merke ich, dass etwas in mir zerbrochen ist«

- The Guardian, Women behind the lens: a moment of tenderness in a violent world
- National Geographic, Fleeing violence in Venezuela, women migrants face callous indifference 
- Harvard Review of Latin America, Qualified but Rejected: Finding a Job as a Venezuelan Immigrant in Peru
- The Washington Post (assignment), How the coronavirus pandemic set back women's progress in the global workforce
- FotoDemic, With Dolor de Mirada

- The Washington Post (assignment), Remote learning is deepening the divide between rich and poor
- Harvard Review of Latin America,  Living within the Collapsed Myth of Multiculturalism: Afro-descendent women during Covid-19
- Artwork in Flamantes #19, Libro de Artistas, Madrid
- Journal ESFERAS,  ¿Para qué sueñas? Identidad, imágenes y movimiento
- The Guardian, 'Separation by sex': gendered lockdown fuelling hate crimes
- The Guardian, Guinea Pig meat returns to the plates of Peru
- Observer/New Review, Seaside sentries: Britain's coastal navigation markers – in pictures
- The Guardian, UK pledges £2m to help end stigma and shame of period poverty
- ESFERAS Issue 8/Spring, "Precariedad/Precariousness" Movimiento y Migración (p.17)


- 2022 Head On Photography Festival, Sydney, Australia
- 2022 The Human Blueprint, Rotterdam Photo Festival
- 2021 Photo Vogue Festival with PhMuseum, Milan, Italy
- 2021 Festival Internacional de Fotografia de Valparaiso, Chile
OYC 2021 Final Exhibition at ICP
- Draw A Line, A Safe Space Virtual Gallery, UN Women UK
- ShutterHub UK, Gallery 5&33, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Special Mention, Rotterdam Photo Festival (online)
- #ICPConcerned Global Images for Global Crisis, International Center of Photography, New York
- KONTINUUM, Kleine Humboldt Galerie, Berlin, Germany
- Final Exhibition of Grad Dip, Royal College of Art, London, UK
- Project Space Exhibition, Abu Dhabi, UAE
- "Mujeres" by Aguafuerte Galería, Mexico City, Mexico
Buenos Aires Photo with Galería Imaginario, Buenos Aires, Argentina

- Picture Berlin, Re-Imagining Wanders, Berlin, Germany


- Shortlisted IWPA Awards 2021/2022 for Silence of Dawn

- Awarded Emerging Scholarship "Photo Made" for Silence of Dawn, Lucie Foundation
- Shortlisted, PhMuseum Women Photographers Grant 
Photo Vogue Festival - Digital Portfolio Review
The FotoEvidence Workshop, France
- Eddie Adams XXXIV Workshop
- Mentee, Women Photograph Mentorship Program 2021

Shortlisted, Emerging Artist Scholarship, Lucie Foundation
- FinalistCritical Mass, PhotoLucida, Portland
- Guest Curator, Everyday Latin America

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