Mollendo, Peru. Circa 1915. Olga jumped into the water from La Aguadita, followed by her sister who instead of jumping from the cliff, lowered herself onto the roaring sea. 

Every sunrise and sunset, I see from my mothers window the island where my grandfather spent several years of his youth as a political prisoner. Fausto had been one of the founding members of the oldest socialist party in Peru, which over the years changed its ideals to an unrecognizabe memory. The pictures I hold of my grandfather are those that I made up in my mind, created while taking in every detail and expression in my fathers distant melancholy as he recounted his youth in the coastal town of Mollendo, 2 hours away by car from Arequipa. In his stories live vivid memories of his mother, Olga, a women of both fortune and disfortune, as well as his father, a well known man who continued on with his ideals even as he went blind, deaf and eventually passed away. As memory changes when not recorded on paper or print, the memory of my grandfather, passed on my father, passed on to me. 

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